Jose Marquez - Kent, WA

Hello to all, my name is Jose Marquez, wanted to share a little of my experience with MX360. Was overweight, I weighed a little over 200 lbs. when I started about three months ago. Did not have the healthiest lifestyle, not doing physical activities and not eating right. Their comes a time in life where you start thinking about your health. So I took the initiative to start looking for some type of healthier lifestyle, I saw some photos on Facebook of my friends with their transformations with being in MX360 , it got me excited  to start asking questions. Talked with my wife about it, she told me she would join with me just to support me. So we contacted Cesar and we joined, just by talking with Cesar that first time really motivated me, he is a good motivator. It was hard at first, but with the support of Cesar and my family I accomplished my goal and so did my wife Nancy.

 Lost over 25 lbs., and the numbers on the scale keep going down. Never felt better, I have more energy during the day to play with my kids, my asthma doesn't act up like before. Easy meal plans, Cesar's workout videos, it could not be any easier. Would recommend to anybody.

All I can say is:



A big THANKS to my wife for all her support, my KIDS Earving and Eduardo for their workout support, and of course to Cesar THANKS BRO...

Anything in life is possible you just have to keep on trying, never give up...


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